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Keno IconAlthough the game of keno has been described as similar to a lottery, millions of people play this as they would play blackjack or roulette; i.e. people develop numbers systems and strategies and believe that they can beat the odds and win at keno. Is this actually possible?

We will later get into the tips and tricks you can use to win more money at keno. For right now, it’s important to focus on the name of the game here, and at Vegas Online Keno we’re all about helping you find the best online gambling websites with which to play keno.

Of course, most people want to play Vegas keno. They want a big-named site; they want the glitz and glamour; they want all the bells and whistles that they’d find at a huge casino like the Bellagio or the Venetian. Unfortunately, the state of Nevada is only offering up online sportsbooks and poker at this point in time, so you won’t find any sites offering keno.

While this is subject to change, you have to swallow the pill you’re given, not the one you want. In the meantime, our resource directory is going to help guide you through the keno market, pointing out some great sites where you can play keno, and even helping you out with some tips and such along the way.

Most Trusted Vegas Online Casinos Offering Real Money Keno In 2024

The following casinos are all operated by the same group (Bodog/Bovada). They are the most reputable name in online gambling, so we feel that players owe it to themselves to play with the most trusted sites that actually pay players win they win.

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Understanding The Game Of Keno

If you’re here reading our resource site, then you probably know exactly what keno is. But just in case some folks need a refresher course, here is a quick rundown of the game. Played in modern casinos today, keno is considered a lotto-like game whereby a circular glass enclosure, called a bubble, contains 80 numbered balls that are drawn randomly.

Inside of this mechanism, a blower pushes a ball up and a number, 1-80, is called. If you match this number, you win. Around 20 balls are called in a basic game, so you have plenty of chances to win. Mathematically speaking, you’re 1:4 for every number. Every casino, and every type of keno, will have its own type of paytable structure. Casinos in Las Vegas in particular offer up 20, and sometimes even 30 paytables from which a player can choose.

The house retains the odds, but the player can drastically better his or her chances by playing more of the 20 called numbers. For online keno, of course, there is no bubble or blower. These 20 numbers of 80 possible are all done through a random number generator (RNG), but the result is exactly the same: Balls are drawn at complete random.

Is Vegas Keno Different than Regular Keno?

This site is all about Vegas keno because that’s what the market demands. Vegas Online Keno recognizes that people want to play Vegas-style keno, not some backroom bar keno. But is keno actually different if it’s in Vegas vs. anywhere else? Well, yes and no. There are two main differences with which to concern yourself in types of keno:

1: Vegas keno is more or less an atmosphere. It’s all the bells and whistles and pomp and circumstance that one might expect from a Vegas casino. Playing Vegas keno is more or less an experience than any particular game of keno. When you play Vegas keno, you know you’re playing the best and that the graphics will be better, more people will play, you’ll have far more table options, etc.

2: Perhaps the bigger, more important difference is that Vegas-style keno offers up more paytable options. Vegas keno will typically offer you between 20 and 30 different options from which you can choose, meaning you can select a lot of different ways to get paid other than hitting a number directly on the head. That may still be your goal, but with a Vegas type of keno, you’re covered more per the paytable than with normal keno.

Where Can You Play Vegas-Style Keno At?

So, now that you know a bit about what constitutes Vegas-style casino, the next question you may be asking is where you can find this game at. Unfortunately, the state of Nevada hasn’t gotten around yet to sanctioning legitimate online casinos. While you can find sportsbooks and online poker rooms with which to bet, the state still hasn’t sanctioned any casinos to be played online.

So if you’re looking for Vegas casinos online, you’re most likely going to have to go with an offshore site that offers some type of keno that perhaps has “Vegas” in its title, or just a normal brand of keno on a site that has good graphics and is an all-around reputable website. It’s probably worth noting that a handful of states offer online games if you live within the state’s borders such as Georgia Keno site.

This is what Vegas Online Keno is here for, however. We want to point you in the direction of websites that are lucrative, secure, friendly, and that offer high-quality keno.

What Stands Out to Us As a Quality Keno Site

Now, we cannot force you to play at any of the keno sites we suggest, but we do encourage you strongly to give them a go. We go through an extremely rigorous process in reviewing these casinos, playing at them, and discerning which are good and which should be left alone. Some of the things we look for in a good keno site will include but are not limited to:

  • The site must be legally licensed and regulated
  • Great, ironclad security on the site for you and your account
  • A true “Fair Play” experience via certification and a great random number generator (RNG)
  • A range of keno options, like different dealer options, live keno, different paytable structures, etc
  • A great customer support team that is friendly, timely, and knows their stuff
  • A very high and reliable payout rate, so that you get your money without issue when you withdrawal
  • Plenty of banking options so that you’re not locked in to any one method that may change
  • A welcoming attitude for US-based players
  • A range of games well beyond keno, just in case you want to spread your wings
  • A top-flight casino platform that has good graphics, loads on any device, and runs well
  • A solid reputation across the entire brand on social media, blogs, forums, review sites, etc

If we find a casino offering keno that meets our strict criteria, we will suggest it to you. You do not have to sign up, but we recommend you take our word rather than to try your luck blindly.

Advantages of Going with a Quality Keno Site

Play the Right Amount of Numbers

The first way to win at keno is to pick the right amount of numbers. Now, you can pick up to around 15 or 20 at many reputable locations, and 20 numbers will be called of 80 possibilities, but relatively speaking you do not have to pick the max. What you need to pick are the amount of numbers relative to your paytable.

For instance, if you’re getting paid per number, then picking many numbers is the way to go. If you’re getting paid for combos or any roulette-like structure, then fewer numbers will suffice. Unfortunately, this is a tip that you will have to practice and adjust accordingly based on the type of keno you’re playing.

We cannot give you any absolutes here, as we cannot predict the future nor will we be playing alongside you at the table. You will be on your own, and you will have to adjust this strategy accordingly.

Play in Different Ways

Keno isn’t all about the straight number hits, and realizing this gives you a much better chance of winning. For example, let’s say that you’re playing 8 numbers on an 8-spot structure. Now, rather than playing this one way, you can split this into two 4-spot combos on the board.

What you have now is actually three separate ways to win: both of your 4-spots, and the original 8. This can potentially be a riskier proposition as it’s possible none of the 8 will show.

So it’s imperative to control your bet here, which we’ll address below. But suffice to say that transforming one potential combo into three thus triples your odds of winning on one single bet.

Mind Your Money

We are very tempted to tell you to bet via the table’s payout schedule, and the structure of your game but, again, we are not going to be there with you. Therefore, the best tip we can offer here is to always mind your money when betting. Do not exceed 10% of your total stake.

If you have $200, do not exceed $20 on a bet. Rather than betting every number, try the 8-spot tip. You can thus use that $20 for two separate bets, which gives you six separate chances to win money back. Those are great odds for keno, and such a strategy might just pay off.

Avoid Superstition

Okay, so number 17 was drawn for the past three games. On game number four, you’ve decided to place the max wager on 17. And, of course, what happens? Lo and behold, 17 doesn’t come up. That’s because this is all random.

There is no superstitious link to the number 17. It is pure coincidence that this or any number comes up more often, and just because a number come up 15 times in a row in no way means it will reappear for number 16, nor does a number on a long hiatus mean that number is “due.” Playing into the superstitious aspect of a completely random game is a surefire way to lose your money.

Think Progressively

Believe it or not, your odds actually improve for winning on a progressive keno jackpot. Yes, these do exist. Let us explain. While you are probably never going to win the millions of dollars on the progressive jackpot, you have to understand that these types of keno games offer more lucrative paytables, and they’re generally cheaper to play, because those casinos want you feeding the keno kitty.

So while you won’t win the big one, there are more ways to win here at a progressive, plus you’re greatly minimizing your risks by not having to bet as much to win.

We hope these tips can get you started off on the right foot. Make sure you come back to check out Vegas Online Keno for casino reviews, more tips and tricks to win at keno, and updated information about the gambling market.

We cannot tell you what to do or where to play, but we do suggest the best sites to you in hopes that you win big. Your profit bodes well for us, because we’re the ones providing the resource info. We want you to win!